Scottish Gathering 2018

Living Body
Earth and Psyche as One

Monday-Friday, 9-13 July, 2018
St Leonards School,
St Andrews, Fife, KY16 9QJ

With Paul Maiteny, psychotherapist, anthropologist
and human ecologist.


Across the world there are calls to awareness of the damage being done to the health and welfare of our planet by our human thoughtlessness and greed. But how often do we humans really reflect on the intimate connection between this and our psychic health as individuals and as a species?

How do we really take on board the idea of Earth and Psyche as One and live in such a way that we can begin to realise our potential truly to become Living Body?

Paul Maiteny will share his understanding of the essential overlap of the personal/human/cultural and psycho/spiritual elements of life with the non-human/bio-ecological aspects, and the development of his thinking on questions such as: How might we extend the concept of “splitting” that is well known to counsellors and psychotherapists to the split between homo sapiens and the whole planetary system?

Paul Maiteny

Paul is an ecologist, anthropologist and UKCP registered transpersonal integrative psychotherapist in private practice. He is also a spiritual director.

He writes: “Since childhood, three questions have informed my life and key choices: why are we so cruel to each other? Why do we exterminate other species to extinction? What is my role and the role of human species in a healthy, harmonious planet?”

With 30 years’ experience in ecological education and research, Paul has held research and teaching posts at Oxford, The Open University, and University College London, and was a tutor on the recent BPF Psychotherapy and Counselling Course. He has been publishing works on eco-psychology since the 1990s, focusing on its psycho/spiritual and cultural dimensions.

Who is the gathering for?

The Gathering is open to all who are seeking a learning experience and space for reflection and personal growth. BPF was founded in the 1960s to assist clergy and members of the Christian church to develop their understanding of human relationships, beginning with their own way of being in the world. This personal, experiential approach remains central today within a contemporary ethos of broad and open spirituality.

The week will appeal to those in the caring professions including those engaged in pastoral and voluntary work, and others concerned about personal well-being and relationships. It will also provide an opportunity to learn about the work of BPF. Those joining us for the first time will be invited to an introductory session at 2.30pm.

CPD Certificates specifying the various activities of the gathering are issued to all participants.


St Leonards is a private boarding school, set in 35 acres of ground in the heart of St Andrews, a historic university town boasting beautiful buildings, shops and cafés, and wonderful beaches.

The school is next to the harbour and ancient cathedral. Its pleasant stone buildings are encircled by the walls of the old Abbey, and there are parking facilities in the school grounds. The oldest part of the school dates back to the 15th Century.

Booking and details

A brochure giving full details about the Gathering is available for download, along with a booking form.

The booking form can be completed electronically and e-mailed to BPF, but please remember to make your payment via BACS or a cheque.

Alternatively, the form can be completed by hand and posted along with your payment.

A reduction of £15 on the full price of £465 (£480 for non-members) is available if the booking is made by May 31, 2018.

For any further details, please contact Helen Alexander, Chair, Scottish Gathering Committee:


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