Scottish Gathering

The 2018 Gathering took place in July.

Details of the next Gathering will be posted here in due course.

Who is the gathering for?

The Gathering is open to all who are seeking a learning experience and space for reflection and personal growth. BPF was founded in the 1960s to assist clergy and members of the Christian church to develop their understanding of human relationships, beginning with their own way of being in the world. This personal, experiential approach remains central today within a contemporary ethos of broad and open spirituality.

The week will appeal to those in the caring professions including those engaged in pastoral and voluntary work, and others concerned about personal well-being and relationships. It will also provide an opportunity to learn about the work of BPF. Those joining us for the first time will be invited to an introductory session at 2.30pm.

CPD Certificates specifying the various activities of the gathering are issued to all participants.


Read a general description of the format of the gathering.