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Primal Weekend 2024
19-21 January 2024,Stanton House, Oxford

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Annual Conference in Scotland 2024

8-12 April 2024 at Kilgraston School, Bridge of Earn, Perthshire PH2 9BQ

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Founded on the groundbreaking insights of Dr Frank Lake, BPF exists to bring a theological dimension into training for psychotherapy, counselling and related caring professions, especially those who work with people suffering from spiritual and emotional distress. Founded in 1962 as the Clinical Theology Association, we run a variety of courses, conferences and care networks for those working full-time in these areas, or as part of a wider responsibility.

A key element in our approach is that, in order to care for others, we must first understand ourselves; much of our training, which is highly experiential, focuses on this.

Our Vision

BPF'S vision is of a future where all people, irrespective of their belief or religion, are given opportunities for personal growth and training based on spirituality and psychotherapy, enabling them to accompany in a supportive manner, those who are struggling with emotional distress.

Our values

People talkingBPF believes in the uniqueness and value of each human being and promotes a holistic approach to pastoral care, professional counselling and psychotherapy training (encompassing body, mind, emotion and spirit). We offer a dynamic model characterised by:

  • the unconditional acceptance of each person;

  • staying with people in their struggle 'to be';

  • Working at the interface of spirituality and psychotherapy.

Who can benefit from the BPF approach?

People in the caring professions (or those who simply want to help others) often find themselves lacking the resources they need to do the job properly.

Psychotherapists, counsellors, doctors, nurses, ministers, pastors, carers and social workers are among those professions which have utilised our techniques and insights. Although the Christian faith underpins all that we do, we welcome people from any faith or none.

Our training takes the form of seminars which provide the experiential learning opportunities that are necessary for developing self-awareness, a prerequisite for effective pastoral work.

What do we do?

Our main activities include our training courses, primal integration weekends, seminars and conferences. We also publish a series of books and papers, and 'Dynamics' the journal of BPF.

To find out more about BPF and our activities, please take some time to look around our site and see how we may be able to help you become more effective as you seek to help others. You can also read our general information leaflet.

You may like to read our Mission Statement and Theological Statement of Belief.